Women Out On Trails™ (WOOT) is an international running group for women who strive to achieve their fitness goals in a positive and supportive environment. Every Saturday or Sunday morning a beautiful venue is chosen for a run from great sites all over Okinawa, Japan, Southern California, Dallas, TX, North Carolina, Virginia and more locations on the way! In our WOOT world, there is never a bad run! We run in all weather, all seasons and varying terrains. If it’s raining we’re training! From muddy dirt roads, to river paths; paved trails and trees to rugged inclines-WOOT runs with the rising sun!

Distances and intensity vary depending on each individual and we break into pace groups. For us it is not about how fast or slow you are, it is simply that you are there with us.

For many of us its more than just running in the brush on a weekend: maybe its an escape from the mundane-or running away from the stresses of life, or rekindling a desire for running. For some it's our social hour-a time to catch up with friends and to share inspirational stories. 

In addition to our weekly run we provide training advice, support and tips to help both new and advanced runners to help you stay motivated with your running goals.

At the core of our membership is the tie of camaraderie and fellowship that binds us together in friendship and fitness. We welcome you to join our group and understand what we mean when we say "Peace, Love and WOOT"!