Why I WOOT and why you should too

By Kathy Corbett

“Are you training for anything?”  The most common question asked during a WOOT run.   

My answer, “yes, next Saturday’s WOOT run,” Not as common. 

I have been a runner for more than 35 years.  Actually, the term jogger is more accurate.  Two years ago, here in Okinawa, I was introduced to trail running and to WOOT. I quickly fell in love with both.  I Find myself, however, a bit different than most of my fellow WOOT runners.  “The Crazies” as I like to call them.  You see, the typical answer to the most Common question asked on any given trail run, “what are you training for?” is “the ______ 50 k, 100 k, 50 mile, or 100 mile race.”  If that isn’t crazy enough, what they never seem to mention is the elevation. You see, they are running up mountains that are way to steep for roads to be built.   Some are running to elevations that are not meant for people but for aiplanes. For example, we have all heard the flight attendant say, “ we have now reached our cruising altitude of 30,000 feet.”   Obviously earning them their nickname, “the Crazies”.

You may be wondering how someone like me, someone whose long runs are between 7-10 miles, someone who has no desire to increase that, to get faster, or to compete in trail races, can run with the “crazies.”

The answer is simple.  There is not the slightest bit of judgement, criticism or competition among them.  The “crazies,” Who regularly compete in, and some of them even win, these ridiculously long races, simply love to run, just like me.  

 They will encourage you and run with you no matter your pace or distance.  Although they may run further and faster, they will come back for you and make sure you don’t get lost, cheering you on the whole way.  They will love and appreciate you whether you are just like them or very different. 

If you are one of the “crazies,” who enjoy running up mountains all day, or if you just like to get outside for a 3 mile run, there is a place for you in the WOOT family.  Come run with us.  I must go now, it is 8 pm, time to go to sleep, so I can get up at 4 to run.  Ok, maybe I too, am just a little bit crazy.

 Footie Cuties

Footie Cuties