"It's the most wonderful time of the year."

Holiday Blogger Anna Boom sings a few tips on keeping fit over these savory holidays.


The weather has turned cooler and even down right chilly, the wildlife (including those wild n’ crazy banana spiders) is mostly in partial hibernation and you have time off work. It is the perfect time to start a new workout regime as you face down the office, school, family and friend gatherings overloaded with sugary baked goods.

  Mmmmm...cookies. Thanks Ali! 

Mmmmm...cookies. Thanks Ali! 

Some quick pointers on how to start:

Prior proper planning prevents [insert P's of choice]. Plan your day around your workout instead of trying to fit your workout into your day. By placing the priority on the workout, you take away the "don't have time for that business" business. Throw an extra bag of workout clothes and running shoes into your car.

Find the workout that works for you. This is one that is vital to continuing on your road to a healthy lifestyle. Most on-base facilities offer free classes for you to try and most of our amazing WOOTrs also belong to some additional workout groups. We have dragon boaters, yogis, spin instructors and triathletes, road racing bikers, rock climbers, the list goes on and on.


If you love running, we do hope you come out and give WOOT a try for a whole new level of fun and friendship.  If you hate running, Women Out on Trails is not the right fit for you. And no offense taken.

Find folks who are are helpful. WOOT began with one woman, looking to find other like-minded women who were tired of road running and racing and didn't mind getting muddy early in the morning. As more women joined every week, WOOT found volunteers, aka Trail Leaders, to help with group logistics. From setting up, to helping organize during the run, these amazing women voluntarily signed up to come out early and modify their run to help others in not getting lost. As WOOT continued to grow with group runs up to 50 people, there weren't enough Trail Leaders to help the entire group. Women began requesting dedicated Leaders for the Trails and now there is WOOT Led 10 for that specific reason. The Trail Leaders are the women who know the Trails forward and backward and are always available to offer helpful advice on gear, trail races or training.



So find a price that works for you. The WOOT runs on Saturday morning are free to join. As mentioned above, there is a caveat that we do our best to help everyone who shows up, but it is volunteer-based. If you want a dedicated Trail Leader and group, WOOT Led 10 is your best bet.

Find out what your fit friends do. What do your friends like to do? Join WOOT together! It's proven that having someone rely upon you to meet up will motivate you more than if you go it alone. Hopefully you will be out with us on any given Saturday or for the WOOT Led 10. 

Now is the time to find your group and we hope we are the right fit for you. Happy Holidays from Women Out On Trails around the World.


  Happy Holidays! Love, WOOT

Happy Holidays! Love, WOOT