Happiness Jar

By Anna Boom

Reading on one of those lists, you know the lists that pop up, “Seven Simple Habits for a Healthy Life” or “How to Make Brownies without Sugar” (it’s not true, do not try this at home), I found one tip that I thought we could use in our running life.

3 Steps for a Happy Running Life”

  1. Save an empty jar, anything will do. When you finish a run, write down one positive thing that happened to you, then put it in your Happy Running Jar. There are days when you are running on water, gliding along like a gazelle, pushing the pace like never before, running the farthest you’ve ever gone. And then there are those days when it really, really stinks and you just don’t even feel like a “runner”. Find one good thing and write something positive anyway: the smell of autumn is fresh, or the sunrise took your breath away, or that you made it out the door, tied up your sneaks and moved forward.
  2. There are no rules to what you add. You found a lovely rock as you tripped down the trail, your child found a piece of stick that looked like a bug. Anything goes!! Keep some scrap paper and pens near the jar so you can easily grab and write before the world zooms back in on you. Origami paper, markers, crayons, you name it.
  3. When you are feeling down, as happens to us all, look through some of your happy moments. Be thankful for all the joy and happiness you can find. These small reminders of your past happiness will bring you back from “the down”. It is a great way to look and see all you have done, all the moments big and small and that it was the journey all along.

If you do make a Happy Running Jar, please share a picture. We’d love to see it and enjoy your journey too.