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By Rebecca Bennett "and her two gals"

Two petite ladies in search of an uncomplicated, supportive partner for long runs in the jungle. Things are gonna get hot, so swipe left if you’re not a wicker.

Dateline: July 2014. Somewhere in the midst of sorting all of our earthly possessions into “Move” or “Store” categories and driving from North Carolina to Texas to North Carolina to Vermont to North Carolina to Texas (Don’t ask.) my favorite sports bra went on sale. It was a simple, soft, pullover racerback number that worked for everything. Naturally, I stocked up! It was only available in lime green or lime green swirly dots. In retrospect, that limited (and odd) color selection was a sign.

After 3+ years of wearing and rotating out my beloved sports bras, the day finally came. The day when the lime green stash at the back of the drawer was empty. THE HORROR!!!!

psycho scream.jpg

Online. Google. Click. Click. Nada. Damnit. They’re discontinued.

Also, somewhere along the line, sports bras seem to have changed. On one end of the spectrum, there are athleisure “bralettes” that, as far as I can tell, are useless. At the other end of spectrum there are wires, hooks, zippers, tabs, cut outs, crisscrosses, pockets, and SO. MUCH. PADDING.

WOOT to the rescue -- check out the Jan. 04 Facebook post for everyone’s recommendations! As for me? I have three more to return and will be frantically checking the mail for my next round. In the meantime, if you notice an ace bandage and roll of duct tape in my car, just pretend you didn’t.